Jun 3, 2010

Sempu, from pictures comes a story

Sempu island, a small conservation island in the south of Malang, east Java. It is a located in 8 26'51" S - 112 41'50.61 E, about 60 KM from the City of Malang. About 12 acres of Low wetland and swamps ecosystem. contains about 80 species of birds and thousands of species of insects. it main attraction are the Segara anakan Lagoon a 1,8 Km or 1,5 hours walk from the nearest village, sendangBiru


  1. ach si GEDE jalan-julan mulu nich..(lama gak ksini)

  2. asli indang keren abis dong...jd inget wkt gw ke ujung kulon, hehe beda yah :p